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Ongoing fundraising activities

Throughout the year, Friends of Claverdon participate in various low-effort activities and fundraisers, with all profits going towards the charity. It's an easy way to donate - by participating in activities you might be doing anyway, and raising money for the school while you're doing it. 

Take a look below at the activities that currently raise funds for Friends of Claverdon, and if you have any suggestions to add to this please just let us know.

Easy Fundraising

Easyfundraising partners with lots of online stores (ones you will recognise!) who will donate money to Friends of Claverdon Primary School when you shop with them – no additional charge to you.  These brands pay commission to easyfundraising – which is turned into a donation.

Friends of Claverdon have already raised over £1000 in the last few years with only a few supporters – so the donations really do add up!  See how much we have earnt here!

It is easy to do:

Step 1

Follow this link to sign up or use the sign up button below and create an account/login.

Step 2

Once you have an account, you can choose to shop via a browser or on your phone.  If you are shopping through a browser, download the browser extension.  This will remind you whenever you are on a website that will donate.  If you are shopping on your phone or tablet, you can install the app (available on apple or android). Apple also have a donation reminder you can install in safari!


Step 3

enable the donation when the pop-up reminds you

Step 4

Watch your donations grow!

Ongoing fundraisers
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