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Yoto says: Imagine running a hotel with penguins for guests and pigs for chefs! This sunny, funny audio collection is an animal-lover’s dream.

Welcome to Hotel Flamingo: the sunniest hotel in town!

When young Anna inherits a dilapidated once-grand hotel from her great-aunt Mathilde, she's determined to restore it to its former glory. But this is no ordinary hotel - all of her staff and guests are animals! As she soon finds out, though, running an animal hotel is no easy task! 

From royal guests, to rainstorms, to battle of the chef competitions, there's no shortage of mayhem at Hotel Flamingo! 

All four Hotel Flamingo stories in one audio collection. An enchanting four-audiobook series featuring the adventures of Anna and her array of animal friends.

Hotel Flamingo
Hotel Flamingo: Holiday Heatwave
Hotel Flamingo: Carnival Caper
Hotel Flamingo: Fabulous Feast

Audio story cards - The Hotel Flamingo Collection

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