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Friends of Claverdon presents... the Summer Fayre 2024!

It's getting to that exciting time of the year again, where Friends of Claverdon have the pleasure of hosting the Summer Fayre! Taking place after sports day, this is an amazing, fun filled event that raises vital funds for our school. However, this is only is possible with the generous help of the teachers and parents/carers of the school community. 


We are reaching out to you all for volunteers from each year group to help with this year’s event. We'll need help running the events and an event leader for each year.

Stalls and activities

Below are the proposed stalls for each year group. Any any ideas for further activities/stalls are very welcome.  Stalls will be open 3:15pm to 5:15pm (approx).  Class reps can help to communicate and co-ordinate with their year group.

In addition, due to the success of last year, this year we are also going BIG with the inflatables on the field - we can't wait to see the children's faces!

Fayre details


Drinks / refreshments

- Suggestions -

Soft drinks - Water (house coloured water has worked well in the past), cold drinks. Cups provided. Tea & coffee will be provided by The Wandering Fern

Treats - Cakes, doughnuts, ice creams, ice lollies.

(cakes - donations from whole school community in past or could try Krispy Kreme below for something different). 


Krispy Kreme charity doughnuts - Doughnuts £5.50 per dozen (simple glazed doughnuts). Minimum order five dozen. Collection from Solihull. Could be offered on a pre-order in advance to help work out how many we are likely to sell? See website link here.

Face Painting


- Suggestions -

Crafts & making

  • Hair braiding

  • Nail painting

  • Face glitter

  • Tattoos

  • Face painting – we have used stencils in the past and offered select designs to speed up the process and help the under confident face painter parent! Alternatively, we could pay to get someone in - this should be agreed with main organising group before confirming. 

Year group stalls

Year 2


This year we are trying pizza slices and hot dogs.  All cooked in the ovens, and just to be served.

A team is needed to put food in the ovens (sausages and pizza), bring the food out from the kitchen and serve it.

Image by Igor Omilaev

YEARS 3 / 4

- Suggestions -


  • Bat the Rat

  • Play your cards right (giant cards provided)

  • Hook a duck (provided).

  • Doughnut eating off a string.  Who can eat the doughnut without any hands.

  • Deal or no deal - 20 red boxes with a few bigger prizes (small toys etc), some with small prizes (sweets) or no prizes. Player chooses their first box, are shown the prize and can either deal or or no deal. If they deal they keep that prize. If they choose no deal they choose a second box and receive this prize. If they no deal again they get to choose third box what ever the prize they have that.

  • Pin the tail on the donkey

  • Poo in the loo (need a  ‘loo’).  Get the poo in the ‘loo’ to win a prize.

Party Cake

Year 5

Guess the...

- Suggestions -

  • Weight of the Cake – need a cake donated!

  • Name of the Teddy – teddy and names list

  • Weight of Marshmallows – winner takes the jar home

  • Lucky Dip (Boys/Girls)

  • Jam jar dip – from donated filled jam jars

  • Number of lollipops in jar – winner wins the jar!

  • Guess the key to unlock the box/or lock combination: Make/buy a box that big enough to contain a good prize and secure it with a Yale-style lock or key-operated padlock. Request donations of old keys and put them in a pot with the correct key. Players to select a key and attempt to open the box. If they have the right key or combination, they win the prize inside. Smaller prizes for participating.

  • Guess the teacher baby photo, or teacher in disguise?

Sports Field Flag


- Suggestions -

Field activities

  • Wet sponge stand (with teachers agreement!) – sponges and buckets provided

  • Water gun alley (use tin cans or paper cups – year 6 should have plenty of water pistols)

  • Football activities – keepy upies, penalty shoot out

  • Netball activities

  • Ball dart board (provided)

  • Welly wanging

  • Floor is Lava – using the trim trail. Can we get some form of red covering for underneath? (to be included in wrist band price for inflatables).

Other stalls

Other stalls & activities

Teachers Tombola! 

Donations gratefully received from whole school community.


Plant Stall

Barn Close are offering us plants for us to sell.


Good quality second hand logo uniform will be available to sell. This will need a volunteer or two to man the stall.

The Wandering Fern

Coffee trailer will be onsite for all your hot drinks and some other goodies!

SJ Dance Academy

Will be performing at at 3.45pm (KS1) and 3.50pm (KS2). Dancers - please see email for full instructions. 

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